A note from the owner:

We love the outdoors.

We hate mosquitos.


Mosquito Maximus, LLC was created out of a love of the environment and outdoor activities….along with a hatred of mosquitoes. You could say it all started over 14 years ago when I purchased a densely wooded lot on Balsam Lake in Wisconsin. My young family grew up loving campfires, cookouts, and boating. After considerable time and effort, a house was built on that plot of woods and it is now our home.


Over the years, I experimented with nearly every known method to keep mosquitoes away from my family and me. In addition, ticks gave me cause for concern because of their ability to transmit Lyme Disease. After countless attempts to eliminate these pests, I have come across what I believe to be the best solution. The approach and products used by my team of licensed and professional applicators are outstanding.


Finally, let me assure you that Mosquito Maximus will work with you to develop an approach that is best for your family and pets. My background includes a BS in Environmental Administration and a career of over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Both of these experiences have laid the foundation for the importance I will place on your safety and the stewardship of our natural settings.

Contact us today about how we can control your mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and other insects. Then all you have to do is “Maximize your summer fun!”


                                                                                                      -Vince Netherland, President